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Le Langure de Hanuman

New Year and Christmas holidays is a great occasion to travel somewhere. You can either go somewhere with you family or friends, or even alone. There are so many cool and interesting traditions around the world, and it’s such a treat to take part in the different experiences.

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Le Lynx boréal

Budget trip doesn’t mean boring! There are numerous places worth visiting even if you don’t have much money. The golden sands of Florida and California beckon you to their pristine shores, and invite you to relax.

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Le Toucan Toco

Machu Picchu is mysterious and attractive place for all tourists visiting Peru. If you agree to take this path you need to know more information and learn some tips from experienced travellers to be ready for surprises.

Informations importantes :

Le zoo est ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 19h (fermeture des caisses à 17h30).

Port du masque UNIQUEMENT dans les files d’attente, les lieux clos et pendant les animations.

Aucune réservation n’est nécessaire pour visiter le parc.